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Painting the local

In less than a decade since his emergence on the scene, Ali Akbar Natiq has taken the Urdu literary world by storm By Zahra Sabri Ali Akbar Natiq is a … Continue reading

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Imran Khan was always a pacifist, expect no less now

by Zahra Sabri Prime Minister Imran Khan finds himself in a situation which must have been one of his worst nightmares when he envisaged graduating to this post. The state … Continue reading

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Translation of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Address on the Kashmir Crisis

by SherAli Tareen & Zahra Sabri On Monday, August 5, India’s ruling party, the BJP, made the controversial move to strip Kashmir of its special status. The decision was met with shock … Continue reading

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Herald: The Words Behind Coke Studio

by Ahmer Naqvi and Zahra Sabri Not very long ago, Coke Studio was in the eye of the storm for its rendition of Ko Ko Korina, arguably the first ever Pakistani pop … Continue reading

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Full Interview: The Words Behind Coke Studio

Language is the means through which mystical/poetic messages in our songs have come down to us over generations. When there are errors in this language, then transmission of meaning is … Continue reading

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Dignity of criticism

We are living in challenging times for democracy in Pakistan and the role of reputable news organisations in shaping public opinion is too vital to be taken lightly By Zahra … Continue reading

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Karachi’s tsunami

2018 has the potential of being interpreted in years to come as a real watershed in the city’s politics. The overwhelming vote in favour of the PTI reveals that Karachi may … Continue reading

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Lahore 2008: Election night in a similar time?

In the 2008 elections, Zahra Sabri worked as an interpreter for a group of foreign election observers in Lahore. This is her account of the days and nights spent around … Continue reading

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Why ‘Sufism’ is not what it is made out to be

What has the historical relationship among kings, ‘ulama and mystics typically been in regions such as Central Asia, Anatolia, Persia and Mughal India? Four myths about Islamic mysticism.   By … Continue reading

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Powerless liberals?

Liberal/progressive forces in Pakistan possess an inordinate degree of power and influence in many kinds of mainstream educational institutions and media groups. By Zahra Sabri SINCE the Faizabad debacle, numerous … Continue reading

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